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Helen Stevenson Meyner – Political Powerhouse

Helen Stevenson Meyner (1928-1977) Jersey gem: Devoted career to state politics New Jersey Representative Helen Stevenson Meyner was a founder of the Congresswomen’s Caucus. The organization of female representatives was designed to focus on federal legislation of particular concern to women. At the start of her career, Meyner wrote a twice-weekly column for the Newark Star-Ledger and […]

Mildred Barry Hughes – First Female Member of State Senate

Mildred Barry Hughes (1902-1995) Jersey gem: Born in Elizabeth Democrat Mildred Barry Hughes was the first woman to be elected to the New Jersey Senate. When she won the seat in 1965, Hughes was the first Democrat from Union County to be elected to the Senate in 75 years. She was also elected to the Assembly […]

Anne Henriette de Marigny Hyde de Neuville – French Painter

Anne Marguerite Henriette de Marigny Hyde de Neuville (1771-1849) Jersey gem: Settled in New Brunswick French Baroness Anne Marguerite Henriette de Marigny Hyde de Neuville secured the safe passage of her Royalist husband to America. After the French Revolution, the Baroness traveled alone across Europe to intercede with Napoleon on her husband’s behalf. In order for […]

Margaret Bourke-White – LIFE Magazine Photographer

Margaret Bourke-White (1904-1971) Jersey gem: From Bound Brook Margaret Bourke-White was one of four photographers chosen for the original staff of LIFE magazine, and her photo of Fort Peck Dam in Montana appeared on its inaugural cover in 1936. She was considered the magazine’s star photographer during WWII and also sustained her career as an official […]

Julia Hurlbut – Suffragist and WWI Relief Worker

  Julia Hurlbut (1882-1962) Jersey gem: Born and raised in Morristown Suffragist Julia Hurlbut joined the World War I conflict in Europe as a relief worker. She managed an officers’ club at Chatillon-sur-Seine in France and oversaw hut canteens for the troops. Hurlbut and her colleagues believed that active loyalty and support of the war […]

Lydia Young Hayes – CEO, NJ Commission for the Blind

Lydia Young Hayes (1871-1943) Jersey gem: Career based in NJ Lydia Young Hayes organized and directed the New Jersey Commission for the Blind. As an eight-year-old, Hayes suffered a debilitating injury on her family’s farm — a bull charged at the girl and the related injuries caused her to lose sight in both eyes. From that moment on, Hayes dedicated her […]

Elizabeth Haddon Estaugh – Founder of Haddonfield

  Elizabeth Haddon Estaugh (ca. 1680-1762) Jersey gem: Settled in Haddonfield, inspired town name A British-born Quaker, Elizabeth Haddon Estaugh founded a home for traveling ministers on New Jersey land owned by her father. She managed the plantation and served as clerk of the Quaker women’s meeting for over 50 years. Estaugh is considered by […]

Alberta Gonzalez – Advocate for Migrant Workers

Alberta Gonzalez (1914-1996) Jersey gem: Worked in Mullica Hill In the summer of 1954, Alberta Gonzalez became the first Puerto Rican woman crew leader to supervise a labor camp for migrant farm workers in New Jersey. Four years earlier, Gonzalez had migrated to Mullica Hill from Puerto Rico. She was hired by farmer Jim Lernner […]

Lillian Gilbreth – Scientific Pioneer

Lillian Gilbreth (1878-1972) Jersey gem: From Montclair Lillian Gilbreth was a pioneer in engineering and scientific management. She and her husband were the parents of twelve children and the subjects of the well-known book, Cheaper by the Dozen, which discusses the application of scientific management principles to the home. Gilbreth also published her own study, The Psychology of […]

Marie Garibaldi – First Woman on State Supreme Court

Marie L. Garibaldi (b. 1934) Jersey gem: Hails from Jersey City Marie L. Garibaldi was sworn in as the first woman on the New Jersey Supreme Court. She was appointed by Governor Thomas Kean in 1982. A former Weehawken municipal judge and partner in a prominent New Jersey law firm, Garibaldi wrote the majority opinion […]