Elizabeth Haddon Estaugh – Founder of Haddonfield

Haddon's house

Haddon’s plantation, circa 1701


Elizabeth Haddon Estaugh (ca. 1680-1762)

Jersey gem: Settled in Haddonfield, inspired town name

A British-born Quaker, Elizabeth Haddon Estaugh founded a home for traveling ministers on New Jersey land owned by her father. She managed the plantation and served as clerk of the Quaker women’s meeting for over 50 years. Estaugh is considered by some to be the founder of Haddonfield, New Jersey.

As a nineteen-year-old, Estaugh sailed alone to the New World in order to fulfill a land settlement contract awarded to her father, a persecuted Quaker living in England. Mr. Haddon could not leave his home country because of business responsibilities and sent his very capable daughter as a temporary replacement. Estaugh had full authority to transact business in her father’s name; she was awarded power of attorney in a note dated from 1701. Estaugh’s father had admitted that he had given his daughter such a responsibility because of his natural love and affection for her.

Estaugh settled near current Haddonfield, New Jersey, and is largely considered the founder of the town. Her maiden and family name of Haddon undoubtedly inspired the “Haddonfield” moniker.

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