About Jersey Girl Greats


This blog resurrects the stories of New Jersey women who led spectacular lives and left behind even more powerful legacies. It hopes to illuminate the kind of courage it takes to pursue a cause greater than oneself; it also fosters engagement with some really cool history. This blog asks that you, the reader, feel empowered by a community of women both past and present.

We will also explore important moments in women’s history. For instance, the suffrage movement was more than rallies and picket lines and pedaled policies. It was about both big and little contributions – the movement thrived because of the many women, from all walks of life, who took perhaps cautious yet decisive steps to make their voices heard and names known. Sometimes their voices boomed from podiums, other times they made no audible sound at all.

Even in the years leading up to and directly following the historically-defined period of women’s suffrage, the women of New Jersey remained perpetually engaged and wholly inspired by one another. Although not all were self-proclaimed advocates for women’s rights, the women of this blog make persuasive cases for the power of the collective female voice.

Each post includes the name of one Jersey Girl Great, a “Jersey gem” or specific Jersey connection that ties her to New Jersey state history, and finally her contribution to women’s history.

Hope you all enjoy!

Many thanks,

Maeve Kelly (Jersey Girl from Crosswicks)

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